About Us

we are experience creators

We intentionally create unique experiences so you can connect your brand & event to your audience.

We listen. We connect. We understand.

Only then do we help create solutions for your event needs - large or small, corporate or non-profit, music festival or general breakout meetings. We understand how much investment you have put into your event- we take it personally and invest as well by provide captivating, memorable experiences.

Our Core Values

46’s Core Values help better serve our clients to ensure we are exceeding their expectations and providing the 46 Experience. They provide a clear and consistent guidance of how we conduct business:

  • We work as a team. We serve together as one unit united for the common goal.
  • We do business with integrity. Our word is our bond.
  • We are good stewards of our resources.Regardless of the source, we take care of the resources provided to us.
Nathan Baugh

Nathan Baugh

Laura Kate Lindsey

Laura Kate Lindsey